Our Sponsors

Dear Potential SPONSORS,

​Sugar Hill Maker Fest is a family friendly showcase of our cities “Makers”. Each booth exemplifies the Maker’s product, or project, and it allows them the opportunity to share what they’ve made with the community. Makers can be anybody from a teenager with a hobby, to garage tinkerers, to established corporations. Creativity in this event is not inclusive to a certain age, background, or ethnicity. If you have an idea then we are more than happy to help you pursue it in the community!

Like any event, Maker Fest would not be possible without sponsors. This event is planned and paid for by the school and the students in the committee. As Maker Fest continues to grow we need sponsors like State Farm who either help financially or by providing a service we need to run the event.

Any business that chooses to sponsor Maker Fest will be guaranteed a booth,as well as, positive exposure to the community and the city. We will also recognize you during the event and your name and logo will be on our graphics (such as banners, flyers, and our website).

Thank you for your time and consideration, and we hope you choose to join and support us on this fun day!

For more information please contact us!


The Sugar Hill Maker Fest Committee